Gas Turbine Flowmeter

Gas Turbine Flowmeter

The operation of the International Gas Turbine Meter is based on the measurement of the velocity of gas. The flowing gas is accelerated and conditioned by the meters straightening section. The straightening vanes prepare the gas flow profile by removing. undesired swirl, turbulence and asymmetry before the gas flows to the turbine wheel. The dynamic forces of the flowing fluid cause the rotor to rotate.

The turbine wheel is mounted on the main shaft, with special high precision, low friction ball bearings. The turbine wheel has helical blades that have a known angle relative to the gas flow. The conditioned and accelerated gas drives the turbine wheel with an angular velocity that is proportional with the gas velocity.

  • 180 degrees rotatable head, and easy installation and maintenance
  • Good repeatability: 0.05%~0.2% for short period
  • Temperature and pressure compensation available

For unclean media we advise to use a filter.

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