Local Display (FlowPod)

Local Display (FlowPod)

The FlowPod display analysis unit is a high-precision 2- or 4-wire 4 – 20 mA display. All devices of the series have a graphical interface, intuitive user guidance, an adjustable 4 – 20 mA output, a linearization option and a digital output for flow, limit and batch. Since K-factor and dimension are freely selectable, they can be adapted to each flow meter and for each application.

The FlowPod display also has a memory card interface that allows easy transfer of calibration data in the field without removing the FlowPod.

The display can either be direct mounted or remote mounted with a suitable armored signal cable. The standard specification includes the HART 7-protocol on a 2- or 4-wire 24 V DC powered system.

The FlowPod display with stainless steel housing is designed for applications in the oil & gas sector, for example installations on oil platforms in salty air.

Technical Data

  • Carrier frequency, inductive or Reed switch input
  • Analog Output: 4 to 20 mA passive (2-wire)
  • HART 7 interface
  • 2x configurable switch outputs for alarm, pulse or batch
  • Operating Temperature: ‐20 °C up to +75 °C [‐4 °F up to +167 °F]
  • 20+ point linearization of the measured value
  • Ingress Protection: IP66/68 – NEMA 4X


  • Explosion-proof (Exd/XP)
  • Lightweight DIN 1.4401 [AISI 316] stainless steel housing
  • Screwless design for quick and easy on-site installation
  • Calibration data transmission by memory card
  • FRAM memory


  • Explosion-proof Sensor Adaptor with Exd Certification (SV Adaptor)
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