mag-flux M1

mag-flux M1

The mag-flux M1 measuring transducer was developed specifically for use with the magnetic-inductive mag-flux-series flow sensors. With an optionally available operating module and a local display, the measuring transducer is easy to adapt to customer requirements.

The mag-flux M1 is a microprocessor-controlled, programmable measuring transducer and can be adapted to the user requirements. While the fundamental configuration, e.g. sensor calibration with parameterisation of these values in the measuring transducer is performed in the plant, the customer can make further settings and required changes at any time. The measuring transducer records and processes the measurement signals from the corresponding mag-flux-series magnetic-inductive sensor. It is suitable for medium flow speeds up to 10 m/s.

The mag-flux M1 measuring transducer is available in both separate and compact designs. This applies in particular when combined with the mag-flux A and mag-flux S sensors. Only separate designs can be implemented when using the mag-flux F5, mag-flux MIS 1/D and mag-flux MIS 2/15 sensors.

The mag-flux M1 is designed with communication capabilities. With an optionally available additional module, it can also be used with the HART® protocol.

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