OF-WN / OF-WP Microstream Sensor

OF-WN / OF-WP Microstream Sensor

Instantaneous Flow-Rate·Integrating Flow Volume Flowmeter

Model OF-WN (Local display type) Model OF-WP (With pulse output)

・Built-in lithium batteries (No external power supply is required)
・Indications of both instantaneous flow-rate and integrating flow volume by only 1 flowmeter
・Revolving display unit (It can be fixed to a easy-to-read position)
・Simplified structure with the oval gears type measuring principle
・Measurement of various liquids
・Reset function for indications of Integrating Flow Volume (Total) and Integrating Flow Volume (Trip)
・Value holding function for Instantaneous Flow-Rate indication
・Pulse output function (Option)

High Cost-Performance

The MICROSTREAM Sensor was developed to meet the fluid engineering demands for a precise, easy-to-use flow-rate control and monitoring system that can be applied to a wide range of fields.

The MICRSTREAM Series meets the needs of vanguard R&D departments across the face of industry.

What’s more, if you have found micro FlowSensor instrumentation to be prohibitively expensive in the past, you will be amazed at the ease and economy with which the MICROSTREAM system can be adopted. The proliferation of micro computers has created an increased demand for reliable, and economical systems which are easy to operate. The MICROSTREAM Sensor for the control and monitoring of fluid flow-sensor has met this demand, and has revolutionized the fluid instrumentation industry in the process.


To control kerosene burner combustion for efficient fuel control To indicate the fuel consumption rate and ‘remaining fuel’ of internal combustion systems To control the flow for chemical feeder systems To measure the flow of liquid cosmetic products,etc.

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