TGF600 Inline Thermal Gas Flowmeters

TGF600 Inline Thermal Gas Flowmeters

TGF600 Inline Thermal Gas Flowmeters with more rugged design to adapt to harsh industrial applications. It implements COMATE’s latest sensor filming technology and high sensitivity sensors to ensure a stable measurement at very low flow rate down to 0.3Nm/s.

Special features:

  • 100:1 turndown, lower limit to 0.3Nm/s support from 1”~80”pipe
  • Temperature range up to 450 °C
  • Depth scale for precise installation
  • Insertion type to 16bar, special version up to 63 bar
  • No moving parts, industrial sensor more robust and easy to clean
  • Unique anti-ejection densign support install and remove without stop the line
  • IP 67 protection.Robust water-proof housing for the indoor/outdoor area


  • Compressed air, Natural gas, biogas, Oxygen, Argon, Hydrogen, special area
  • Coal, power, Incineration, Landfill gas, Petrochemical industry and gas measurement in Heating supply system
  • Flare gas, etc high temperature gas measurement
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