SY Electromagnetic Water Meters

As consumption of water has increased in the recent years, an advanced water meter has been desired for the use of long time and stable high accuracy measurement with trouble-free operation. Responding to these needs, Aichi has conducted proprietary research over and over and has succeeded in developing the world′s first electromagnetic water meter “SU Series” and “SY Series” that provides 8 years of non-stop service with built-in battery. These water meters for the new-era are suitable for water control with innovative enhanced durability that expands the world of measurement.

Outstanding features that expand the world of measurement

Outstanding durability with no moving parts

Since there are no rotating or sliding parts such as vane wheel or indication gears, troubles caused by wear of moving parts and intrusion of foreign substances are eliminated. Therefore, stable measuring accuracy can be maintained over a long period of time.

High accuracy measurement whether large continuous or small flowrates

The SU Series has almost no head pressure loss at maximum flowrate measurement, it is suitable for measuring flowrates of large continuous water supply and distribution. The SY Series is capable of measuring small flowrates with high accuracy owing to its special structure.

Wider measurement range

The measurement range is as wide as 1:200 for the SU Series, and 1:1000 for the SY Series. High-accurate measurement from very small (min. accurate flowrate) to large (max. flowrate) flowrates is possible.

8 years of continuous operation with a built-in battery

The power consumption has been reduced to 1/1000 (according to Aichi’s comparison data) from the conventional general electromagnetic flowmeter, and with a built-in lithium battery applied, 8 years of continuous measurement is realized. Consequently, there is no need of maintenance during this period.

Constant display on easy-to-read LCD

Bright and large LCD have been incorporated for the digital display of integrated flow and instantaneous flowrate values of all times. By utilizing such instantaneous flowrate value, flowrate adjustment of water supply and distribution can be easily performed.

Free installation position allows installation anywhere

Having no mechanical moving parts, the meter can be installed on a horizontal, vertical or inclined position, allowing installation anywhere with very little restriction for its location.

All stainless steel body with outstanding durability

Both the compact design wafer type (SU)* and easy-to-install flange type (SY) are made of all stainless steel body having the feature of long life. *The SU with 250, 300 and 350mm nominal diameters are flange types.

Flexible corresponding to various systems of specific use

Since these meters are equipped with electronic statement signal output function, installation of transmitter for specific use will enable flexible corresponding to various systems such as remote meter reading, automatic meter reading, as well as monitoring and controlling.

SU Electromagnetic Water Meter

Today, it is significant to capture the revenue while reducing the overall operating costs. Also, the water meters need to be more simple, accurate and reliable. Additionally, the compatibility with AMR/AMI and data-logging devices are required for water meters. SU is an ideal for a wide variety of bulk flow metering applications, such as network monitoring, leakage detection and commercial billing.

E-Series Electronics Water Meter

Electronics Water Meter E-Series is an ideal for a wide variety of AMR/AMI system of commercial billing. It displays not only the flow volume, but also the flow rate, alarms of the reverse flow, leakage, etc.

SD15S Residential Water Meter

Many water utilities in the world challenge in improving the water management such as non-revenue water reduction, efficient use of water resources, safe & stable drinking water distribution and so on. Collecting the accurate meter data is essential for this improvement. The Aichi Tokei Denki SD Single-jet Water Meter is suitable for this application because it is not only accurate but also cost-effective & robust.

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