Wind tunnel

Dimensions 1600x1800x8000mm Max. Flow Velocity 65 m/s Contraction 500x500mm

AMP1000 Advanced Maintenance Platform

Collector maintenance and calibration system provides the efficient and humanized calibration tools for the maintenance of multiple collectors and process instruments.

CINRAD Testing & Maintenance system

Vivid spot for high power load is available, Flexible and switchable input/output structure, Support strong maintenance case bank, Support massive cloud data storage bank.

3MS Automatic Measuring System

With world top class pressure, temperature, and humidity reference table, 3MS Automatic Measuring System complies with China Meteorological Administration (CMA) Multi-factor test procedures and requirements, and supports multi-channel automatic verification.


UAV6000 is a compact medium-low altitude meteorological Obersvation UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), with measurement of temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, wind direction and other factors. With the design concept of modular, solid and digital sensor, you can quickly monitor the air quality and environmental information, and improve the access to information on the speed and accuracy. The application of mature UAV is to build flight control platform with replaceable pod design, according to the different detection needs of the sensor type or camera platform. In the data analysis platform, horizontal and vertical data distribution diagram will be presented according to the GPS and terrain, and calculate and display the atmospheric 3D state.

To combine the meteorological Obersvation equipment and UAV, it could be better to serve the modern meteorological services, and bring more convenience for the meteorological observation outdoor operations with the strong flexibility of UAV, and free from geographical restrictions and cost advantages.


The LT5100 is a precision laser transmissionmeter for measurement of transmittance and visibility, and it can directly output transmittance and visibility values. The function of modulation and sending or receiving of synchronization mechanism to eliminate stray light influence. Low temperature drift, constant current source, and 24-bit high-precision AD conversion could ensure the accurate measurement. It has high-bright OLED display and uses RS485 digital communication. It comes with alignment fine-tuning platform to support online calibration.


•   Wind speed and wind direction measurement at the height     30m~800m
•   1550nm laser multipoint scanning technology
•   Built-in integrated digital compass with auto north-seeking
•   Support RS232/485,USB,LAN,Wi-Fi
•   Built-in GPS+GPRS module to realize the remote     communication and positioning
•   Built-in battery could support continuous work for more than     1 hour


AQI is a micro air quality station with an exquisite design. It adopts the modular, digital, and solid-state design concept for its sensors, making it easy for various configurations and disassembly. It can measure six key elements of air quality. It uses electro-chemical sensors and an optical particle counter to monitor air pollution and particles. The main measurement and monitoring elements are SO2 , NO2 , CO, O3 , PM2.5, and PM10. AQI can be widely used in many applications including smart city, road weather, agriculture, forestry and plant protection.


RG100 Rain gauge uses a new generation of tipping bucket technology with a precision ceramic blade design, the measurement resolution can reach to 0.1mm, maximum allowable error is ±0.4mm(≤10mm) . Meanwhile its output signal can directly connect to data collector system through switch signal, RS485, Bluetooth (configured additional wireless module). With the rain collecting area of 200 cm², it can be widely used in areas of meteorology, hydrology, agriculture and forestry.

RG100 rain gauge has a small and delicate appearance, with the unique aero-cone design, can reduce the wind effective area and effeciently reduce the wind speed influence on precipitation measurement.


WDS100 Wind Direction Sensor adopts a new magnetic induction design to detect the wind direction angle. The maximum tolerance is ± 3 °, and the output signal can be directly connected to the data acquisition system through RS485, or 7-bit Gray code, or 0 ~ 5V analog output. It can be widely used in meteorology, ocean, environment, airport, port, agriculture, transportation and other fields.

WDS100 is compact and exquisite in shape, featured with a robust wind vane, an unique aero-cone design and efficient heating method, suitable for all kinds of harsh environments.


WSS100 Wind Speed Sensor adopts a rotating chopper disc, which cuts the infrared sensor 45 times per one rotation, measuring resolution up to 0.1m/s, the maximum tolerance  ±0.5m/s, and the output signal can be directly connected to the data acquisition system through RS485 or photoelectric isolation pulses. It can be widely used in meteorology, ocean, environment, airport, port, agriculture, transportation and other fields.

WSS100 is compact and exquisite in shape, featured with robust wind cups, an unique aero-cone design and efficient heating method, suitable for all kinds of harsh environments.


DBT200 is a highly accurate and cost-effective barometric sensor and transmitter. It can achieve accuracy of ±0.15hpa or ±0.2hpa full scale and a resolution of 0.01hpa over a wide temperature range -40~50℃.

DBT200 supports IP66 protection rating and 1 million units of data or up to 1 month of recording capacity. For easy integration with data loggers,DBT200 supports various communication interfaces including RS232 and USB.

DBT200 is a widely used digital barometer in meteorology,agriculture,environmental protection,civil aviation,marine monitoring and other fields.


DBT500 Digital Barometric Transmitter has one or multiple high-accuracy pressure sensors that provide excellent accuracy and long term stability.It is designed for usage in meteorology, aviation,environment protection, and other related industrial applications.

DBT500 Digital Barometric Transmitter is an ideal solution for barometric measurement. It features an ergonomic design, a 3.5” LCD that can display the pressure value directly, multiple data interface via RS232/485/LAN/USB, and a built-in battery for power back up.


DSP800 Platinum Resistance Thermometer is a high quality and precision temperature sensing element. It can reach the class of 1/10 DIN with ±0.1℃ accuracy over full measuring range and operating temperature.

The probe can be used in the harsh and various environment conditions, including air, soil and liquid temperature. It can be easily integrated to different monitoring system with its digital output.


MWS3000 is a compact all-solid-state micro-weather station that supports measurement of multiple factors such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, UV and other factors. The overall design adopts the concept of modular, solid-state and digital sensors, which has reshaped the appearance structure of traditional automatic weather stations, and has made great breakthroughs in the protection and durability of the whole machine. The high-strength anti-ultraviolet ABS plastic alloy enables this product to be exposed to outdoor solar radiation for a long time, which brings more convenience to meteorological observation outdoor operations. It can be widely used in meteorology, civil aviation, marine, environmental protection, space research and other fields.


HWS1000 is a professional handheld weather station that supports measurements of temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, wind direction, infrared temperature, GPS positioning and other parameters. The overall design incorporates ergonomics and reshapes the appearance and structure of the traditional handheld weather station. The highly integrated electronic circuit design enables the compact size to contain several times more the functionalities, which brings more convenience to outdoor weather observation.


HWS3000 is a well-designed, portable and professional handheld weather station, supporting measurement of temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed and wind direction. The design meets the strict requirement of ergonomics and aeronautical meteorology, adopting the concept of modular, fixed and digital sensor, creating the structure design on traditional automatic weather station, greatly improving its protective capacity and durability. High-strength uvioresistant ABS plastic alloy makes possible long-term exposure under solar radiation. Highly integrated electronic circuit design makes possible small size body contains several times of functions, making outdoor meteorological observation more convenient.


Smart is a dedicated thermohygrometer, displays temperature and humidity data, also calculate dew point.


Artist is a weather reporter, large LCD with wide view angle, provides professional weather report.


NANO2 is a Compact Temperature and Humidity Logger connect with PC via the integrated USB port directly.


Mini-Series is small, compact and portable data logger for logging and monitoring the temperature and humidity data during logistic transportation.


DSR series are low power consumption data loggers with data collecting, display, storage, and analysis functions.


HAMMER robust logger for high and low temperature, suitable for medical, power and geological exploration and other industries.


DST1000 is a temperature and humidity transmitter which supports analog signal and digital signal. DST1000 is suitable for HVAC area.


DST1100 is a differential pressure transmitter, Support on-line linear calibration and zero setting.


DST12000 carbon dioxide transmitter whit NDIR optical sensor.


DST2000 is a multifunctional temperature and humidity transmitter integrates pressure, dew point, gas, illumination, or wind to be the third measuring element.


DST3000 is an intelligent transmitter applying to industrial areas which require much on high stability.


DST4000 with avant-garde streamlined design, is a multi-environmental element transmitter which is consistent with aerodynamic measurements.


DSP1200 is a high accuracy, flexible temperature and humidity probe, support online calibration.


DSP1500 digital temperature and humidity probe with optional type of output and auto-diagnostics.


DSP1800 is a high accuracy probe with optional type of output, auto-diagnostics, and error compensation.


DHM1000 is hand held meter special designed for HVAC area.


DHM1100 is a handheld differential pressure meter.


DHM2 is a multi-functional professional handheld meter, and can be connected to a variety of environmental measuring probes.


SG6 is an intelligent signal calibrator with high-precision measurement calibration and signal generator in one . It can simultaneously output / measure multiple electrical signals, and supports a variety of communication modes, such as RS485 bus, HART, Wi-Fi, BT, GPRS, GPS, Compass, etc., with functionality, practicality, convenience.
With six working modes of measuring, generation, calibration, logging, communication, file, it means SG6 is not only a calibrator, but also a perfect combination of digital multimeter, signal generator, data logger, field communicator and file manager. With such a multifunctional machine for easy operation, paperless calibration and file management,SG6 makes your work more efficient and accurate.


MTC25 mobile dry block is a precision temperature calibrator with liquid bath/dry block combined; temperature range -22℃~155℃. Featured technology with divided zone temperature control enable its excellent homogeneity and stability: homogeneity±0.05℃(dry), ±0.01℃(liquid); stability ±0.005℃.
MTC25 adopts humanized design, 7 inch touch screen color display, friendly user interface; multiple communication interfaces; could connect with external reference sensor, 145mm immersion depth; Maximum and minimum temperature alarm to prevent damage to sensors caused by excessive temperature; support programmable control to realize fully automatic calibration. MTC25 is an ideal solution for laboratory and mobile calibration.


PG6000 fully automatic pressure generator is an ideal choice for automatic pressure calibration.It can generate and reach to any pressure between 300hPa and 1100hPa with built-in high accuracy pumping source, and the pressure control resolution could reach 0.001hPa.Various communication interfaces and internal & external pressure standards are available.

PG6000 automatic pressure generator series contain two independent precision pressure control and adjustable channels. When the standard pressure range is lower than 15psi for gauge pressure or 30psi for absolute pressure, the pressure source is powered by the internal mini pressure generator, so no need for an external gas source.


· Portable design, multiple senors for mobile measurement
· Fully automatic programmable pressure generating
· Accuracy±0.010%., controlling stability 0.002%FS
· Internal pressure standard or external standard


TM2000 is a high accuracy meter, and can connect first class standard platinum resistor, supporting two channels of PT25 or PT100, and the temperature resolution can reach to 0.1mK(0.0001℃).TM2000 is equipped with high-bright display, so clear reading could be effective under sunshine; Series port, Ethernet and USB communication interfaces are available; Built-in battery can unceasingly work for more than 12 hours, humanized design and convenient operation.


TM1000 is a high accuracy meter,supporting two channels PT100,and the temperature resolution can reach to 0.0001℃.TM1000 is equipped with high-bright display,so clear reading could be effective under sunshine;Series port, Ethernet and communication interfaces are available;Built-in battery can unceasingly work for more than 12 hours,humanized design and convenient operation. TM1000 has the function of memory recognition with 16 passive temperature sensors;two front and back channels standard PT100 sensor interfaces are switchable;bulit-in data logger could be exported to the external USB flash disk;PPB measuring circuit,with CE/FCC/VCCI/C-TICK,etc.


TM500 is a precision portable reference thermometer with a highly integrated design of sensor and measurement.It is easy to use and measures up to ±0.05℃.TM500 features an integrated waterproof structure that supports fully automatic horizontal screen switching for easy reading.It is safe and environmentally friendly,and fully avoids the harm from the damaged mercury thermometer to the human body and environment. Powered by a rechargeable battery,it is durable and easy to carry.


DPM2500 is a precision differential pressure meter; 0~2500/4000/5000/7500Pa measuring range to choose from; highest accuracy could reach 0.01%FS.

DPM2500 adopts humanized design, 7 inch TFT touch screen for friendly interface; Multiple pressure units to choose from; multiple communication interfaces; built-in battery could support continuous work for 8 hours. It is used to verify the accuracy of field pressure indicators/transmitters or as a laboratory standard and wherever there is a need for a high level of pressure accuracy in manufacturing, testing and calibration of pressure instruments or gauges. DPM2500 supports wind speed measuring mode for wind tunnel, and could read the data of temperature, humidity and pressure, which highly improve the working efficiency of wind speed sensor in meteorological industry.


APM1200 precision absolute pressure meter uses high-accuracy sensor, with excellent accuracy and stability. Optional measuring range 0~1100hPa and 500~1100hPa, accuracy could reach 0.01%FS.

APM1200 is an ideal solution for efficient pressure calibration with humanized design, and its 7 inch TFT touchscreen could read the pressure value directly; multiple pressure units are optional; support communication interfaces like RS232/485, USB, LAN, etc.; Built-in battery could support continuous work for 8 hours.


Metrology Waterbath Temperature Calibrator
· Homogeneity≤0.01℃, stability±0.01℃/30min
· Heating speed less than 2 hours
· Several levels cooling, heating/cooling intelligent control
· Liquid auto change, improving calibration efficiency
· 9 inch TFT touch screen, easy for reading
· Φ150×480mm big working area, improving calibration efficiency
· Support RS232/RS485/USB/LAN/Wi-Fi communication ports


Humidity Generator
• Humidity control range 5~95%RH
• Humidity stability ≤±0.2%RH
• Temperature control range 5~50℃
• Temperature stability 0.1℃(23℃),0.2℃(Full Scale)
• Full scale stability less than 10 mins
• Support to calibrate 5 sensors at the same time


Mobile Humidity Generator
• Humidity control range 10~95%RH
• Temperature control range 5~50℃
• Humidity stability ±0.2%RH
• Temperature stability ±0.1℃
• Built-in Li-polymer battery can work continuously for 8 hours
• 7-inch color touch screen for excellent user experience


Precision Dew Point Meter
• Precision drift free dew point measurement
• Highest accuracy ±0.2°Cdp
• Robust and durable sensor design
• Force frost technology


Wind Direction Calibrator
360°wind direction measuring range

High wind direction resolution

Maximum tolerance ±1°

More than 5 hours of continuous work with battery,suitable calibration


Wind Speed Calibrator
Wind speed range 0~75m/s

Reliable value traceability system

High accuracy,maximum tolerance ±0.2m/s±0.02V

Coaxial self-calibration system can correct errors within 2mm

Support IP67 protection


Precision temperature meter
360°wind direction measuring range

High wind direction resolution

Maximum tolerance ±1°

More than 5 hours of continuous work with battery,suitable for mobile calibration

Large 10”LCD display


Wind speed range 0~75m/s

Reliable value traceability system

High accuracy,maximum tolerance ±0.2m/s±0.02V

Coaxial self-calibration system can correct errors within 2mm

Support IP67 protection

Large 10”LCD display

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