CDMS-1000 Dust Monitoring System

CDMS-1000 is designed with light scattering technology for continuous real-time measurement of particulate concentration along with noise and meteorological parameters. This combination consists of a particle analyzer, camera, sound level meter, and GPRS module.

PMS-200A PM Sampler (PM2.5,PM10)

PMS-200A is a small flow automatic membrane changer sampler, which can be applied to continuous measuring of PM2.5 and PM10. The PMS-200A system consists of a PM10 cutting head, a PM2.5 cutter, an atmospheric temperature detection unit, an automatic filter replacement unit, a flow control system, and a temperature control system.

BPM-200 Continuous Particulate Monitor

The BPM-200 measures ambient particulate by using well-applied beta ray attenuation technology. PM2.5 measurement can also be achieved by introducing the corresponding cyclone.

PANs-100 PAN Analyzer

Peroxy Acetyl Nitrate does not have any natural presence but only be produced during human activity. Therefore, PAN is a significant representative index of photochemical pollution. System adopts GC-ECD principle to identify and quantify the presence of PAN in sample.

PFS-100 Photolysis Rate Analyzer

Photolytic rate of some critical reactant and free radical (O(1D), NO2, H2O2, HONO, HCHO etc.) are key indicators for identify status & extent of photochemical pollution.The analyzer is receiving solar radiation by quartz probe and transferring the radiation to spectrum via optical quartz fiber, the spectrum data will be evaluated and compared with reference data with mathematical approach and gives photolytic rate.

Air Quality Monitoring Mobile(SO2, NO, NOX, CO, O3, PM2.5, PM10,etc)

Mobile air quality monitoring system consists of analysis devices, an automatic sampler, an image acquisition device, and a mobile communication device. Instruments combination can be selected and moved as per requirement, such flexibility enables the mobile station to perform as fixed station as well.


AQMS-700 CAPS NO2 analyzer is an atmospheric environment
monitoring instrument based on the optical cavity attenuation phase shift
technology (CAPS) which can directly measure the NO2 concentration
in the ambient air and is widely used in the online monitoring of the NO2 content in the ambient air quality monitoring scene.

WAGA-100 Water-soluble Ion Analyzer

Sample gas passes through denuder, and soluble gas will be analyzed by ion chromatograph first; the aerosol will then be inflated and given into ion chromatography to analyze soluble aerosol.

PMS-200M Multi-channel PM Sampler

PMS-200M accepts closed-loop response control technology to sample multiple gaseous and particulate samples simultaneously in the atmosphere. It can monitor meteorological parameters such as atmospheric humidity, pressure, temperature and wind speed in real time.

AQMS-100 Zero Air Generator

The AQMS-100 generates clean and dry zero air by removing components which will cause interference on zero point calibration.

LAMPAS-3.0 Ambient PM TOF-MS FastTrack System

LAMPAS adopts the single-particle aerosol time-of-flight mass spectrometry that can measure single particles’ chemical composition and size in real-time and respond rapidly to a sudden source of pollution. Due to its versatility, LAMPAS is generally used to determine pollution sources in the urban, remote, and marine environment or verify the PMF module’s accuracy to provide data reports to the environmental agency.

OCEC-100 Carbon Analyzer

OCEC-100 adopts the thermo-photometry principle with TOT/TOR dual optical correction that meets various requirements. Integration oven of back & front design avoids condensation of high-temperature organics before entering the back oven, which further improved precision.

EXPEC-2000 Ambient VOC analyzer

The EXPEC-2000 series VOC analyzer adopts three-valve four-column FID technology, which can measure methane, non-methane and BTEX simultaneously. This VOC instrument can be applied both in industrial emission and ambient air network round urban area.

AQMS-650 Ammonia Analyzer (NOx,NH3)

FPI AQMS-650 measures NH3 in the ambient air, which delivers a stable and precise value. It adopts chemiluminescence technology with an external converter that can combine its use with AQMS-600 measuring NOx; during the measurement, NH3 will be converted into NO by oxidation. And it also comes with its own developed software. The remote PC software allows for a remote connection with a virtual interface and data downloading capability to operate the software.

AQMS-400 Carbon Monoxide Analyzer(CO)

FPI AQMS-400 carbon monoxide (CO) analyzer measures ambient CO concentration by employing nondispersive infrared with gas filter correlation method technology.

AQMS-200 Multi-Point Calibrator

FPI AQMS-200 dynamic dilution calibrator utilizes two mass flow controllers to perform standard
zero and span calibration with up to 4 gas


The system integrates X-ray fluorescence for metal analysis up to 30 elements and a beta-ray attenuation model for particulate mass monitoring. But module will be using the same sample moving sequentially across the detector and would be significantly effective in industry emission tracing.

AQMS-350 Chemiluminescence Method Ozone Analyzer (O3)

The AQMS-350 is used to detect and evaluate the O3 concentration level of one of the environmental air quality parameters (SO2, NO2, CO, O3, PM2.5, and PM10) based on chemiluminescence technology. This analyzer can measure the concentration of O3 in ppb~ppm level, with strong anti-interference capability, high repeatability, and accuracy.

AQMS-450 Carbon Dioxide Analyzer (CO

FPI AQMS-450 carbon dioxide (CO2) analyzer measures ambient CO2 concentration by employing Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) with gas filter correlation (GFC) method technology to realize ppm level CO2 concentration measurement.

AQMS-550 Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer(H2S)

AQMS-550 is equipped with an internally mounted catalytic converter set at 315°C to convert H2S to SO2. Bypassing the sample through an SO2 scrubber which removes any SO2, the H2S is converted to SO2 using this internal H2S converter and measured using the pulsed fluorescence technique.AQMS-550 H2S analyzer adopts UV fluorescence principle with an internal thermal catalytic converter to measure H2S in ambient air at levels commonly required.

EAQS-6 Compact Air Quality Monitoring System

The EAQS-6 compact air quality monitoring system is able to  monitor muitiple gas and particulate matter such as O3, CO, CO2, H2S, SO2, NO/NO2/NOX, PM2.5, PM10 in the ambient air. It is capable of meeting the demands of different application scenarios like highly frequent street locations, indoor air quality monitoring, mobile monitoring vehicle, car parking lots, etc.

FMS-100 Formaldehyde 

In recent years, mobile vehicle exhaust and industrial emissions of organic compounds VOCs are increasing, causing atmospheric photochemical smog pollution. Formaldehyde is highly reactive in the atmosphere, and it can generate HO2 radicals through photolysis, and HO2 radicals react rapidly with NO to generate OH radicals, so formaldehyde becomes an important source of atmospheric OH radicals.

HGA-331 High-Precision Greenhouse Gas Analyzer

The HGA-331 High-Precision Greenhouse Gas Analyzer employs Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) technology to simultaneously measure the concentrations of CO2, CH4, and H2O gases. With its unique internal temperature and pressure control algorithms, the analyzer delivers exceptional accuracy, precision, and low drift performance, providing measurements of unrivaled stability. Its measurement performance meets WMO standards, achieving a sensitivity of one part per billion (ppb), equivalent to the detection of one part in a billion.

AQMS-1000 Standard Air Quality Monitoring System (SO2, NO, NOX, CO, O3, PM2.5, PM10)

FPI’s ambient air monitoring system consists of a sampling subsystem, a gas dynamic calibration subsystem, a meteorological parameters monitoring subsystem, a standard parameters monitoring subsystem, and a data acquisition and processing subsystem. It can monitor conventional air pollutants such as SO2, NO, NOX, CO, O3, PM2.5, PM10, etc. FPI also provides compact AQMS, micro AQMS, and mobile stations applicable to various customer needs.

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