M4000 Metals Analyzer

M4000 Metals Analyzer creatively combined with world-leading argon circulation technology enables the analysis of Fe, Al, Cu, and other bases materials. It is ideal for fast and accurate quantitative analysis near the furnace, metal material quality control, and scientific research.

EXPEC-6000 Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer(ICP-OES)

EXPEC-6000 is a developed product by Focused Photonics (Hangzhou), Inc. It is an achievement based on many years of extensive research and development of optical spectrum analyzing equipment. EXPEC-6000 has a rich spectral library with more than 50,000 optical spectrum lines available for selection and has a synchronous measuring ability to analyze 72 elements simultaneously.

SupNIR-2700 Near Infra-red Analyzer

SupNIR-2700 series is infrared analyzing equipment; it uses Holographic digital grating and high sensitivity InGaAs detector (TEC constant temperature cooling). The sample is analysis is based on the diffuse reflection model, and the wavelength range covers 1000-2500 nm. With the help of computer software called RIMP, particles, flakes, powder samples, chemical components are rapidly detected while not affecting their chemical and physical composition. To carry out a test, all that is needed is to place the sample on the tray, click the ‘measure’ button, and automatically perform the analysis. It is widely used in feed production, grain and oil processing, breeding research, and other fields.

EXPEC 1810 Thermographic Camera 

EXPEC 1810 is a high-precision and fast response thermographic camera that adopts far-infrared absorption technology for body temperature detection. It can be operated as a remote distance for non-contact detection for 3~15 meters. The device can visualize the body temperature as an image and measure the individual’s temperature at multiple points over a specific area.

M5000 Spark AES Metal Analyzer

Metals analyzer creatively combined with world leading argon circulation technology enables the analysis of Fe, Al, Cu and other bases materials. It is an ideal solution to fast and accurate quanti-tative analysis near the furnace, metal material quality control and scientific research.

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