TGF200 Micro Gas Flow Meter

TGF200 series Micro Mass Flow Meter measure dry air and nitrogen and other non-corrosive gas base on thermal mass flow measurement technology. It is designed to measure the mass and standard flow in small pipe lines in general industry and laboratory

4~20mA output or Modbus@RS485 for option.

Bluetooth enable users read and set parameter on cellphone with COMATE APP.

TGF450 Thermal Gas Flow Meter

TGF450 Thermal Gas Flow Meter is a specially designed for compressed air,nitrogen gas flow measurement solution. It can provide a stable and accurate measurement on a more economical cost. It has 1.5% FS+0.5RD accuracy on a 100:1 wide turndown ratio. The compact design and thick probe are easier to be installed on high pressure pipeline with limited room.

TGF600 Series Inline Thermal Gas Flowmeters

TGF600 Series Inline Thermal Gas Flowmeters  with more rugged design to adapt to harsh industrial applications. It implements COMATE’s latest sensor filming technology and high sensitivity sensors to ensure a stable measurement at very low flow rate down to 0.3Nm/s. The standard insertion model can fit in pipe line from DN80~DN500, extended model can fit in smaller pipe down to DN25 and larger pipe up to DN 6000.

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