OMA-3000 Online UV Fiber Spectrometer

The OMA-3000 is widely applicable in industrial processes, environmental protection, and other fields requiring real-time gas analysis. It is capable of performing online UV/visible wavelength analysis with absorption of gas concentrations such as SO, NO, NO2, Cl2, H2S and NH3, among others.

UTS-2000 Online Trace Total Sulfur Analyzer

The FPI-developed UTS-2000 online trace total sulfur analyzer can measure and output measurements in real-time with fast response time, no moving parts and high reliability. It is suitable for total sulfur content detection in natural gas, metallurgical by-product gas and other gases.

OMA-3510 SRU Analyzer (H2S,SO2)

FPI offers model OMA-3500 for accurate mea-surements of H2S and SO2 concentration in the tail gas from a Claus process sulfur recovery plant. This system comes with a pressure relief probe, sample conditioning system and the analyzer. This system provides extremely fast, accurate response for tight process control.

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