WOA-100 Water Quality Online Analyzer

WOA-100 is designed to be performed in environmental and industrial effluent monitoring. It works with multiple high-performance sensors with excellent functionality and high reliability. 

WOA-100 provides a flexible operation and installation experience to customers, which can be installed by hanging, fixing, extracting, or floating. With a plug-and-play design, customers can easily maintain and calibrate the analyzer.

COD Chemical Oxygen Demand Online Analyzer

SIA-3000 series COD analyzer applies advanced sequence injection platform, based on the principle of oxidized by potassium dichromate-photometry to realize reliable and accurate COD monitoring results.

NH3N Ammonia Nitrogen Online Analyzer

The NH3N ammonia nitrogen online analyzer uses sequence injection technology, providing ammonia nitrogen detection results in a reliable and accurate way. It operates continuously for up to 90 days without human monitoring based on its automatic calibration, automatic zero adjustment, and automatic cleaning functions.

3000 Series Water Quality Station

FPI 3000 Series Water Quality Station is designed for online monitoring of water quality parameters in clean media. Equipped with a probe, controller, and pump, the mini-station can independently collect a water sample, analyze data, and transmit data to the central platform. This water station also can keep its sensor clear of fouling and calibrate it remotely via an inbuilt telemetry system.

SIA-3000 Water Quality Analyzer(COD,TN,TP,ammonia,heavy metals)

The SIA-3000 series is a new generation of miniaturized water quality online analyzers. Compared to the SIA-2000 series, it is easy to operate, highly integrated and produces far more accurate readings. Not only is it a superior appearance, but it also has improved user experience. It is suitable for miniature water quality monitoring stations, monitoring mobile waters and other similar application scenarios.

WOAS-1000 Water Quality Online System

WOAS-1000 is the latest masterpiece done by FPI. It consists of a sampling module, sensors, power distribution unit, and data processing unit. The complete integration makes this system can be adopted in the various water matrix.

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