EXPEC-3100 Portable VOC Leakage Detection System

EXPEC-3100 uses hydrogen flame ionization detection technology for total hydrocarbon measurement,which is suitable for VOCs trace-ability, on-site emergency detection of pollutants, automatic on-site emergency detection, and pipeline leak detection.

EXPEC-3200 Portable M/NMHC Detection System

The EXPEC-3200 portable methane and non-methane hydrocarbon analyzer adopt heat tracing technology to transfer the heat up to 180 degrees and FID technology, effectively avoiding the loss of high boiling points and high concentration samples.
EXPEC-3200 can accurately measure compositions of all hydrocarbons, methane, non-methane, and other characteristic emission factors of exhaust gas from stationary sources and unmonitored emissions, capable of detecting contaminants of up to 1ppb.

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