The Turbo-Lux® orifice flow meter with VdS approval for flow measurement in stationary sprinkler systems. Together with the practical case for the bypass flow meter, the Turbo-Lux®-series products are the devices of choice for inspection firms. The required approval from VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH has been secured. Since 1977, companies have relied on the VdS-certified technology of the Turbo-Lux® series.

Turbo-Lux® 2

The Turbo-Lux® 2 orifice flow meter is the second generation of the Turbo-Lux® device family and is also available as an intermediate flange version. In addition to the familiar easy installation and extremely precise measurement accuracy, the VdS-certified Turbo-Lux® 2 impresses with lower purchasing costs compared with its predecessor.

Turbo-Lux® 3

The Turbo-Lux® 3 is the world’s first and only fire pump test meter approved by all three test institutes (FM, LPCB and VdS). Large corporations and global companies in particular can benefit accordingly from a uniform international solution for their fire safety systems.

Special becomes standard – now all dimensions are available with shorter inlet and outlet sections.


The N4 orifice flow meter fulfils the requirements for treatment and disinfection of swimming and bathing pools (DIN 19 643)
It is suitable for flexible installation positions without loss of accuracy. The meter can also be used for flow monitoring if fitted with optional limit contacts.

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