The Minix is a float-type flow meter with a glass cone and an aluminium housing. The integrated needle valve allows manual regulation of flow quantities. As a result, the device is ideal for panel or battery mounting.

Trogflux short version

The Trogflux (short version) is ideal for applications in tight spaces. If the device is equipped with one or more (optional) contacts, it can also be used for flow monitoring.

Standard scales are available for liquids with a density of 1 kg/l (62.43 lb/ft). The devices are custom-scaled to customer requirements for all other media to be measured.


The high-grade transparent plastic measurement cones used allow the flow value to be read directly at media temperatures up to +90 °C . The universal female thread and adhesive connections permit problem-free process integration.

The device can also optionally be used for flow monitoring if equipped with one or more contact switches.

Tubux M30

Tubux M30-type flow meters are suitable for measuring clear liquids and gases. In the Tubux M30’s structural design, the glass measuring cone is protected by a stainless steel pipe with an integrated window. The uniform structure permits various standard-compliant connection concepts.

For more demanding applications, devices can also be equipped with one or more contact switches. On request, percentage or 2 mm scales are available for these device types.

RE 250

The proven robust construction of the RE 250 in the process industry also allows use under tough conditions. Thanks to the full-metal version, these float-type flow meters are ideal for applications with high temperatures and pressure conditions (pressure up to 400 bar, temperature -40 °C to +350 °C) and for measurement of cloudy and corrosive media.

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