Diaphragm Seals

Diaphragm seals, also named Chemical seals, will be used for pressure measuring applications where the instruments shall be protected against the process medium. Seals can be mounted to Bourdon Tube gauges, pressure switches and transmitters / differential pressure transmitters.

The pressure will be transmitted without any time delay from the highly flexible and sensitive seal membrane to the measuring instrument using a transmission fluid.

Seals can be mounted to bourdon tube gauges, pressure switches and transmitters / Differential Pressure transmitters.

Schmierer-Seals are manufactured under highest quality standards with selected materials and coatings, (elastomers, rubbers, high grading stainless steels, Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel, Tantalum, Titanium) for customer specific requirements on process media, pressure, temperature and mounting positions. The connecting part can be made or protected with suitable material, i.e. SS 316L, PP, PVC, PVDF etc. They will run through several test cycles on tightness and shape of the surface.

A repair service for seal systems is part of our standard program; our wide range of different seal types and sizes allows us to do repairs also within short time frames. We can help you to save costs and downturn times and save valuable resources at the same time.

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