Pointer Dampening With Manodamp® Movements

MANODAMP® Gauges have significant advantages to the “classical” liquid-filled gauge cases:

  • No oil leakage problem – no contamination risk of process media
  • No blurry gauge glass window in hot and humid climates
  • No oil refilling maintenance required
  • Easy maintenance for needle zero readjustment or change of movement parts
  • Longer service life of gauges in rough environments
  • Modern up to date construction fulfills the technical and hygienic requirements of chemical, petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Experience with successful long service life in customer plants

We can deliver pointer dampening with Manodamp® movements in Schmierer Bourdon Tube and Diaphragm pressure gauges with 100 mm or 160 mm diameter with a pressure above 2.5 bar.

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