Thermowell Protection Tubes

A thermowell is a pressure tight tube which protects a temperature sensing element, (RTD, TC or other sensors) from corrosion, high presure or high velocity of the process media. The tube can be welded, flanged, threaded or clamped (sanitary) to a vessel or pipe.It allows the sensing element to be removed for service or repair without closing down the process line.

Quality thermowells are machined from drilled barstock (stainless steel material) to ensure a good sensor fit. Teflon, Alumina or ceramic materials are used for special high temperature or corrosive applications. A spring loaded temperature sensor ensures metal to metal contact with the tube. Tapered or stepped shapes of the tube improve the response time.

Mathematical Wake Frequency Calculations ensure that the thermowell design is robust enough to withstand the various stresses and strains produced by the process media, (turbulences/wakes, temperature, etc.) to avoid that the process media wake frequencies coincide with the tube frequencies which would lead to cracks and destruction.

We provide wake frequency calculation and can offer fully explosion proof solutions for the complete units (housing, sensors and protection tubes).

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