It represents a comprehensive intelligent system combined with the flow meter based on mechanical measurement principle and the batching unit.

Key technical properties

The batching unit is connected with the paddlewheel flow meter through impulse output and batching itself takes place according to the quantity of received impulses.

The batching unit is equipped with START and STOP buttons and a potentiometer to set the batch size on the display unit.

Flow meter FPW 10 is designed for continuous measurement of clean liquids without solids with flow velocities of 0.3÷6 m/sec (ideally 1.5÷3 m/sec). Thanks to mechanical measurement principle, it may operate with a wide range of liquids in various industries, including non-conductive and petrochemical liquids.


It is a robust design of BATCH unit adapted with its simple control and big controls for setting also with gloves even in extremely heavy conditions and it is fitted with a complete noise suppression filter.

The evaluation unit is provided with two external buttons (green and red) on the lower part of batch control unit and with a potentiometer between the buttons to adjust the batch size and with three buttons to set up the meter on the lower part of the stainless-steel plate for the measuring electronics.

Functions of batch control (lower) buttons

  • The Batch size potentiometer where the potentiometer’s lowest value corresponds to the limit set for the minimum batch and the maximum angular value of the potentiometer corresponds to the maximum batch limit.
  • Green “START” button to start the set batch from the beginning, possibly its restart if it was previously stopped with the red button.
  • Red “STOP” button to stop the running batch. If the batch has been paused, the entire incomplete batch is zeroed and the unit is ready for restarting the batch again from the beginning using the green button.

Several types of adapter fittings can be used for installation of the FPW unit

  • Weld adapter fitting AISI304 (DN50÷DN200)
  • Threaded fittings AISI304 (DN10÷DN65)
  • PVC fittings (DN40÷DN200)
  • Pipe saddles (DN25÷DN200)

Application of dosing flow meter in industry

Dosing flow meter FPW 10 Batch is suitable for various batching processes in industry, namely in the case of non-conductive media.

Dosing flow meter FPW 10 Batch and its main advantages

  • Simple installation
  • High variability of connection types
  • Batching of non-conductive liquids
  • Very simple and intuitive service
  • Absence of magnets
  • Quick change of the batch by turning
  • Industrial design of the batch meter
  • Adapted for operation with gloves
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