dosing inductive  flow meter Flow 38 Batch represents a comprehensive intelligent system by combination of inductive sensor and batch unit.

Key technical properties

Dosing inductive flow meter Flow 38 Batch offers a comprehensive compact system solving the batching issue from batch adjustment, its measurement, (possibly its pausing or cancelling), up to operation of the actuator using 230VAC control voltage. The unit is connected with the control board for the system of relays so that individual actuators in the system can be controlled. It does not require connection to any superior PLC system..

The robust design of the electronic unit allows cooperation with operator also working with gloves. Handling with the electronic unit of the batch flow meter corresponds to using in heavy industry. This electronic unit allows complete attendance, including setting the size of individual batch, its possibly its start and end with subsequent zeroing or continuing in the initiated batch. This is provided by intuitive and simple access to the controls of the electronic unit with the well-arranged display with all information for the operator.

The entire set is built on the existing FLOW 38 meter and access to standard flow meter menu, including individual counters is allowed. The unit is equipped with doubled relay switches (with 250V, 10A rating) controlled by the superior FLOW 38 unit depending on the batch process.

The batch flow meter sensor can be fitted with process connection as per requirement (flanged, sandwich (inter-flanged), threaded, dairy fittings (DIN 11851) or Clamp type).

Dosing inductive flow meter Flow 38 Batch – Electronics

It is a robust design of BATCH unit adapted with its simple control and big controls for setting also with gloves even in extremely heavy conditions and it is fitted with a complete noise suppression filter.

The evaluation unit is provided with two external buttons (green and red) on the lower part of batch control unit and with a potentiometer between the buttons to adjust the batch size. There are three buttons to set up the meter on the lower part of the measuring electronics stainless steel plate.

Functions of batch control (lower) buttons

  • The Batch size potentiometer, where the potentiometer’s lowest value corresponds to the limit set for the minimum batch, and the maximum angular value of the potentiometer corresponds to the maximum batch limit.
  • Green “START” button to start the set batch from the beginning, possibly its restart if it was previously stopped with the red button.
  • Red “STOP” button to stop the running batch. If the batch has been paused, the entire incomplete batch is zeroed and the unit is ready for restarting the batch again from the beginning using the green button.

Application of the batch flow meter in industry

TDosing inductive flow meter Flow 38 Batch is suitable for a variety of metering processes in industry.

Dosing inductive flow meter Flow 38 Batch and its main advantages

  • Industrial design of the batch meter
  • Very simple and intuitive service
  • Potentiometer for batch size adjustment
  • Possibility to stop the batch and complete it later
  • Impulse output of the flow with a variable constant
  • High resistance to abrasion (even flowing concrete can be batched)
  • The flow sensor can be modified to a very aggressive or alkaline fluid
  • High variability of process connection.
  • Sensor in full corrosion-proof construction
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