FLOW 32 inductive meter offers an easy and economically friendly solution. It is a fully maintenance-free flow meter which is produced in two versions: with the display or without the display unit. This flow meter is delivered with standard IP65 rating designed for technological processes of the most diverse batching or production stations where simplicity and minimum maintenance requirements are important to customers.

Application of the meter in industry

The inductive flow meter flow 32 can be used, e.g. in food processing, particularly in dairy or in chemical industry where it is used in gas stations for monitoring of selected service fluids (washer fluids, etc.)

Key technical properties

When looking at some of the technical properties, the evaluation unit is made for 24VDC supply voltage by default. The customer may choose between the impulse output (with customized constant and pulse width) or the 4÷20 mA analogue output. The fact that FLOW32 can be used as a flow switch, possibly with a dead zone, ranks among other advantages of the inductive flow meter.

The FLOW 32 inductive meter is very easy to install. Electrical connection of the meter to the system is made possible through the cable entry right to the terminals.

FLOW 32 main advantages

  • FLOW 32 inductive meter excels, among others, in very easy installation and simple attendance
  • It can be supplied without any connectors
  • High repeatability of measurement over full-scale flow range
  • Possibility of choosing pulse output or DC current output
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Measurability of the bulk of media except crude oil products
  • Possibility of using the flow monitoring function (flow switch)
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