The inductive flow meter Flow 33 Ex without the display unit made by Comac Cal is an ideal solution for technological processes, e.g. in mining or chemical industries where there are demanding requirements with explosion atmosphere hazard. The meter can be made both in structural steel with polyurethane coating and in full corrosion-proof construction thanks to which the meter can be used everywhere where long service life is required under heavy duty conditions with transmission of measurement signals to the superior control systems.

Key technical properties

The meter is in compact design. The meter can be used in various technologies where the customer needs impulse or DC current signals from the meter to control the process without the display unit and the meter is to be placed in explosive atmosphere at the same time.

Inductive flow meter FLOW 33 Ex has ATEX approval for the following classes:

  • I M1 Ex ia I Ma
  • I M2 Ex mb I
  • II 1G Ex ia IIC T6 Ga
  • II 1D Ex ia IIIC T85°C Da

The flow meter is equipped with two informative LEDs located right in the top cover of the evaluation unit. The user is continuously informed by the LEDs about the meter’s status distinguished with four colours.

The output of the meter can be a combination of impulse or 5÷15 Hz frequency outputs and 4÷20 mA or 0.2÷1 mA current loops. Flow meter settings cannot be changed and its outputs are constant (not equipped with Bluetooth communication interface). Therefore, more attention must be paid to specification of electrical outputs.

Electrical connection is provided through ATEX connectors according to the above-mentioned zones, particularly by 7-pin Amphenol C016 or Sealcon M23 connectors.

Application of the meter in industry

It is found in the most diverse industries, such as mining, petrochemical, chemical, etc.

Inductive meter FLOW 33 Ex and its main merits

  • ATEX certification for explosive atmosphere
  • The status is indicated by LEDs
  • Possibility of compact full corrosion-proof construction
  • Rock steady construction
  • High variability of mechanical connection.
  • Wide range of materials for liners and electrodes
  • Easy and maintenance-free attendance
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