inductive flow meter FLOW 33 without display unit is an ideal solution for the customers who need pulse or current signals from the meter and the display unit is not then necessary.

Key technical properties

The evaluation unit of this flow meter is found right on the sensor itself. The meter is manufactured in structural steel; however, full corrosion-proof construction is commonplace. The meter’s state is indicated by four informative LEDs found on the evaluation unit. Electrical connection is provided with the standard 8-pin M12 connector. The invaluable advantage of the meter is the possibility of its setting up through Bluetooth communication using its own android/windows software. The users can set up the flow meter with their own mobile devices, such as mobile phones or tablets, right at the installation site. Thanks to this application, you can carry out simple diagnosis on the meter, simulate a flow rate within wiring check, change all meter’s settings, including two impulse contacts (or using the flow switch NO contact and the status signal) and one 4÷20mA current loop output. Last but not least, you can use it to display the current flow rate.

It is picked up either by stainless steel, tantalum or Hastelloy electrodes.

Process connections are available in the form of flanged- or inter-flanged connections, those used in food process, screwed, clamp or threaded connections.

The flexibility of use is ensured by several types of lining, namely made of hard and soft rubber, rubber with certificate for drinking water, PTFE, PFA or E-CTFE.

Application of the meter in industry

The FLOW 33 may be used in the most diverse industrial branches such as water management (water treatment plants), food processing (diaries, breweries, etc.), paper industry, power engineering or mining. Thanks to high sample rate of the test signal, the flow meter reaches a very high repeatability (0.2%) which is utilized with advantage in batching process for both quick and small batches, e.g. in filling machines (carousels). Another typical application is the transmission of instant flow rate or volumetric flow quantity to the superior PLC without the necessity for local display unit in all sorts of technology. The meter is made in a very robust construction, and that is why it is suitable in heavy industry where long service life under the heaviest operating conditions is required.

Inductive flow meter FLOW 33 a and its main advantages

  • High quality and reliability
  • Control by Bluetooth communication using our own android/windows software
  • DC current output and impulse contacts with optional change to the flow switch contact and meter’s state contact
  • Simple connection using the standard 8-pin M12 connector
  • Possibility of compact full corrosion-proof construction
  • Rock steady construction
  • High variability of mechanical connection
  • Wide range of materials for liners and electrodes
  • The state is indicated by LEDs
  • Easy installation and almost maintenance-free attendance
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