The inductive flow meter Flow 38 with display unit in several versions is designed for a wide range of measurements of electrically conductive fluids in various industries.

Key technical properties

Due to wide variability of designs, the customers may modify this precise flow meter according to their specific requirements both mechanically and by setting the evaluation unit on their own.

The meter’s evaluation unit is made in three versions. The first is the standard design (head), the advantage of which is primarily high IP rating (IP67) or rotatability up to 350°. Meter reading becomes very comfortable for the customer. The standard design can be made either in compact or separated versions. Another type of evaluation unit is the front design. The placement of the compact version unit from sensor’s front is its advantage. The separated design of the front version offers the possibility of DIN rail attachment. Panel design is the last version of the evaluation unit. Possible installation of the display unit in the electrical cabinet door is its great advantage.

There are process connections, namely of flange, sandwich, (inter-flange), threaded and dairy screwed (DIN 11851) or clamp types.

The flow meter offers a wide range of outputs and communications for connecting to various control systems. There are two pulse outputs for the customer (400 Hz max.) with the optional setting to flow switch/state/direction, 4÷20 mA current output or RS485 communication (M-BUS/Mod-Bus protocols). Data can be stored in micro SD card also in datalogger mode.

The flexibility of use is ensured by several types of lining, namely made of hard and soft rubber, rubber with certificate for drinking water, PTFE, PFA or E-CTFE.

Application of the meter in industry

Inductive flow meter FLOW 38 nmay be used in the most diverse industrial branches such as water management (water treatment plants, control measurements in nodal points), agriculture (irrigation systems, food processing (diaries, breweries, etc.), paper industry, power engineering or mining. Last but not least, these are batching systems in the most diverse technologies where display unit is needed.

Inductive flow meter FLOW 38 and its main advantages

  • Display unit freely rotatable by 350° for comfortable reading
  • Add-on card for storage/datalogger in microSD, MBus communication
  • Two fully adjustable outputs impulse/flow switch/status/flow direction
  • Very simple and intuitive service
  • High variability of process connection.
  • Customized building length
  • Sensor in full corrosion-proof design
  • High dynamic measuring range
  • High measurement accuracy and repeatability
  • Wide range of materials for liners and electrodes
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